About us

Company AUTOZITKA CS s.r.o. offers companies the possibility of long-term or short-term rental of vehicles on the basis of an operating lease or lease protocol. Furthermore, our company focuses on savings in the creation of very advantageous insurance contracts and loans when purchasing a vehicle. We have been working on these activities since 1998. Our main focus is on assessing our form of operational leasing that meets the requirements of our customers.

Why us

Our main advantages

  • Direct connection with our service sales company AUTOZITKA s.r.o., which is the authorized dealer and service centre for Škoda cars.
  • Experience - We started offering our service in 1998. We have 20 years experience.
  • Our service is not only about financial gain like some other leasing companies. We ensure complete customer satisfaction for the duration of the lease. 
  • Replacement vehicle guarantees. We have over 60 cars that can be rented whilst your car is being serviced and this is without extra cost.
  • Specially priced rental cars are available to preferred customers.



Privacy and business secrets are very important for us, so we do not directly tell our customers.



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Each client must judge for his or her self, but we strive for maximum personal approach with maximum support in the choice of vehicle and for the speed of handling everything necessary for trouble-free operation.




That's our philosophy

Good reference is our main advert