Basic questions

Important questions


What is operating leasing?


The basic idea of operating leasing is to improve the use of service vehicles, which will help to save the client's costs. Why pay the full amount of the car value when you can pay only that part relating to the vehicle amortization? 


Who is it for?


For companies, business owners and individual clients.


Why do they want it?


Because they want to move the responsibility of running a car fleet to the professional operators thus saving on costs and time.



Is there any vehicle brand limit?


There is essentially no brand limitation. We can get you any car brand. We have years of experience in helping customers select their choice of vehicle. We specialise in Škoda vehicles.


Are there any location limits?


No, we provide our operation leasing over the whole Czech Republic.


Do you offer more than your competitor?


Each client must judge for his or her self, but we strive for maximum personal approach with maximum support in the choice of vehicle and for the speed of handling everything necessary for trouble-free operation.